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Brighten Up

As mentioned, lots of stuff has been happening with me lately. And because I know I’m not the centre of anyones universe – here’s some beautiful music to make your day better. Or worse, depending on what you’re going through. 

I was prepared to love you
And never expect anything of you

Why must a man lose everything to find out what he wants?

I’m workin’ on the high hope
And if it all works out, you might just see me
Or hear from me in a while

I’m gonna make it across this tight rope
And I’m comin’ for my prize
No more I’ll be waitin’ ’round
While life just passes by

Maybe when our hearts realign
Maybe when we’ve both had some time
I’m gonna see you there

I’m gonna see you there, lay
Where we can be natural, lay

‘Cause I’ve been livin’ in the half life
Not sure which way to turn
Why must a man lose everything
To find out what he wants

I’m gonna wait until it feels right
And when that time has come
Wild horses won’t keep me back
From where you have gone

Maybe when we’re both old and wise
Maybe when our hearts have had some time
I’m gonna see you there

I’m gonna see you there, lay
Where we can be natural, lay

After all we’ve seen
We can do anything, lay
Where your heart is strong
Where we can go on and on, lay
Where your good times gone
Where we are forever young, lay
Where your heart is strong
Where we can go on and on, lay, lay!


Oh Glen Hansard, always right in the feels.

10 Reasons To Play an Instrument from @KevinSelection

Stolen from Kevin Drew via the CBC

1. It takes your vanity into a whole new direction filled with emotion and self-importance, thus giving you a confidence that people refer to as “cool.”

2. You can impress people with your knowledge of cover songs at campfires.

3. You can write ballads for your boyfriend/girlfriend and apologize for messing up while enlightening the situation with your use of chord structure and key changes.

4. Closing your eyes and listening to sounds is the closest you will get to meeting a god.

5. Connection with others is huge through music. Finding people to “jam” with is most important and helps you find your own voice and teaches you how to transcend while screaming at the top of your lungs.

6. If you practise hard enough you can travel all over the world.

7. Quarterbacks usually last for a couple of seasons where as music lasts forever.

8. Do you really want to work at an office?

9. You never feel lonely when you are playing an instrument.

10. Actors throw terrible parties.


Kevin Drew’s 10 reasons students should learn to play an instrument CBC Music – Free Streaming Radio, Videos, Songs, Concerts & Playlists.

Does His Love Make Your Head Spin

I’ve really been getting into Keaton Henson lately, another great singer songwriter with a slightly unique voice.  A friend of mine just posted this review of Keaton’s new CD Birthdays, so if you like this video – go read his magical review and want a better idea of Keaton’s sound, go here. And if you’re really that lazy….

It’s like the breath of a sleeping lover in your ear. A voice that instantly surrounds itself with silence. When you blow out a candle, that small wisp of smoke cautiously drifts from the wick, streams forth for slightly longer than you expected, before thinning to nothing. That’s it. 

And originally I wasn’t going to post this song, the subject matter isn’t exactly pertinent to my life – but then I watched the video.

I recently posted a Glen Hansard song, and talked about his passion – and this actress is equal to that in her own right. Just watch and see what you think.