Music List 3.0

Since I’ve been asked a bit lately what I’ve been listening to and what bands are good, here it is. I’ve added rough genre’s to give you an idea of what it is.

I just realized this is about a years worth of music… geez.

Amy Wood – girl with piano
Acres of Lions – indie
Architects – screamo
The Antlers – indie
Ben Folds – boy with piano
Ben Howard – boy with guitar
Childish Gambino – rap
The Cinematic Orchestra – ambient/jazz
Current Swell – folk/pop
Dan Mangan – boy with guitar/folk
Dance Gavin Dance – screamo
Dead and Divine – screamo
The Decemberists – indie/folk
Elbow – brit indie
The Guillemots – brit indie
Jamie T – brit boy with guitar
Jets Overhead – canadiana/indie (They follow me on twitter!)
Josh Ritter – boy with guitar
Klaypex – dubstep
Ladytron – pop
Leaves of Green – indie/boy with guitar
Luncie – hip hop
Macklemore – rap
Mother Mother – indie/pop
The National – indie
Nicole Byblow – girl with piano/indie
Reason – rocknroll
A Rocket To the Moon – techno/pop
Robyn – pop
Rufio – poprock/poppunk
The Rural Alberta Advantage – canadiana/indie
The Sheepdogs – blues
Sing It Loud – poppunk
Soft Kill – britrock
Spitalfeld – emo/poppunk
Stars of the Lid – ambient
Tim Hecker – ambient
Timbre Timber – oddball
A Tribe Called Quest – rap/hiphop
Watsky – rap
Why? – indie (one of my favourites of this year)

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