Bucket List

Here’s something I’ve had for a while. Figure I should post it.

1. Pee on every continent, minus Antartica ( 2/6 Done [North American, Europe] )

2. Sell an original cd (Done 29/02/2008 – Thanks Melissa)

3. Get front row center tickets to a stadium rock show (Done – Alexisonfire, Save On Food Memorial Centre, Victoria BC, 2009)

4. Skydive

5. Be at a sports game where a major trophy is given away (Stanley cup, super bowl etc.)

6. Ride in a Rolls Royce

7. Ride in a wheelchair (Done 13/08/2008)

8. Live in an apartment (Feb 2012, Oak Bay Ave)

9. Hear one of my songs on the radio (Kevin Drew’s “You Gotta Feel It” – Spotify – 2014)

10. Build a really big thing out of Lego

11. Get a photo published somewhere, like on a bottle of Jones

12. Write my name on the Eiffel Tower (Done – May 18, 2013)

13. Beat minesweeper on expert

14. Get a hole-in-one

15. Coach a hockey team (Done – 07/08 – Trails West Bantam Thunder)

16. Do a 360 on a snowboard

17. Go to a broadway play

18. Walk down the Sunset Strip

19. Moon someone

20. Dye my hair something weird (Done – 7th Grade – I had blue hair gel stuff)

21. Get a tattoo (Done – March 19th 2012 “details details details”)

22. Play drums for more than 100 people (Done – Big Band Dinner Dance – Grade 11)

23. Go to a NFL football game

24. Stay up for 24 hours, and watch the sunrise AND the sunset

25. Stand on top of a building and throw money

26. Help a homeless guy

27. Hitchhike/Pick up a hitchhiker

28. Give someone an autograph on their body

28. Meet a leader of a country

29. Meet a monk

30. Ride a record setting roller coaster

31. Have a pen pal

32. Stick it to my boss and quit

33. Beat Solitare in less than 30 seconds

34. Buy somebody’s coffee behind me in line at the drive thru at Tim Hortons (DONE April 22 / 08)

35. Own my own music store/studio

36. Learn how to play bridge

37. Go on a road trip (Done – August 2012: Victoria – Calgary)

38. Make profit on merch for a band

39. Spend way too much on someone (Done – 10/05/08)

40. Give a waiter a $50 tip

41. Dine and dash

42. Go to the Grand Canyon and hear my echo (Done – Good for Grapes SXSW Tour – March 2014)

43. Go skinny dipping

44. Make someone laugh so hard that a beverage comes out their nose

45. Go on a vacation based entirely on spontaneity

46. Learn a magic trick (Done)

47. Set off fireworks

51. Write a message in rocks on the side of a highway

52. Ride on a train. (Europe Trip – 2013)

53. Have a classic movie marathon (Gone With The Wind, Wizard Of Oz, Casablanca)


  1. brasskeys

    I’m sure you’re done #10. I can help you with #29. #48 disgusts me – you only love me duh. And if you ever do #53 then you’re a sicko because that’s like two days gone.

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