Banff Blogs: The Wanderer

So since it’s that time of year when I try to make myself a better person, (write more blogs, drink less, go to the gym more, etc.) I’ve decided to try and do somewhat of a “series” on this blog. More of a way to get me to write, and keep up this record of my life.

Being at the Banff Centre is a great opportunity for me and something I’ve wanted for a very long time. So I feel like I should share with you (whomever you are out there who may be reading this), and since I’m sure not a lot of you know what it is I do exactly, I might as well elaborate a little bit.

To start, this is my brother’s conception of what I do: – It’s not far from the truth, but maybe less frantic.

Today I was mixing a concert from earlier this year. It was a solo singer-songwriter, playing guitar/harmonica and singing. That’s all. I had a vocal mic, instrument mic, and some audience mics, to pick up the ambient sound and make it sound like a live recording, which is our goal.

During this concert, our singer decided he wanted to be more apart of the audience. He stepped out on the tables of the venue and started playing off mic. Generally this is a disaster, since he’s off mic it makes my job almost impossible to get a good sound, especially in a setting where I can’t make mic adjustments (placing them better to accomodate his moves). Luckily for us, our hanging audience mics were places right where he decided to stand for the duration of the song.

Mixing this song has proven to be a challenge but I think it’ll produce an interesting product at the end of it! Maybe when it gets posted you’ll try and listen for that song!


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