Reblog: The Visibile Problem with the Invisible Children and #KONY2012

As part of transparency, here’s an article from 2006 outline the pitfalls of the #Kony2012 Campaign and the Invisible Children.

Hank and John Green, better known as the vlogbrothers from YouTube, have also been slow to jump on this bandwagon. They have been supporting the fight against the LRA for over a decade now.

Apologies for my stunned silence in the face of  the Kony 2012 movement and the internet’s explosion of power. I’ve never felt like the whole internet has simultaneously pushed down the same keys at the same time. Not even the response to SOPA made me feel this level of solidarity. 

The LRA has been around, being evil, and making the world suck more since I was in college, and that’s when I first tried to raise awareness for stopping them…more than ten years ago. Sometimes it feels like there are so many terrible things in the world, it’s impossible to figure out what to focus on. But the LRA is getting that focus now. And I hope we can maintain it. (source)

I too believe that there is a large possibility of #Kony2012 failing within 3 months as the attention span of the population wains. That being said, I’m still choosing to donate.

i\'m a fan of postcards

EDIT ON MARCH 7, 2012: This post was originally written in 2006.  As you read and comment, please consider that it has been over 5 years since I wrote my thoughts here.  I personally still have the same concerns about IC that I did when I posted this and have chosen not to contribute to their cause.  However, Uganda continues to hold a very special place in my heart.  When I wrote this article, I supported and I continue to support relief efforts in Uganda through the work of Steve Hoyt at Engineering Ministries International (eMi), an organization with a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator.  If you’d like, you can support Steve’s work in Uganda here: .  To  learn more about the work that eMi does in Uganda visit

Thanks for continuing to be a part of this important conversation.


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