Oh You Know

Hello World,

It’s that time of year where I write you about my semester and how everything went and apologize for not writing more because things got in the way and blah blah blah.

I plan on doing very little/none of that. Nothing really that interesting is happening. I go home for Christmas on Sunday, stay for a while and come back and start school again. Yay.

I feel like I can summarize my entire semester into one sentence: “Oh you know.” I wasn’t “good”, or “great” or “bad” or whatever. Just, you know. It beats saying “meh” or “I’m fine” or some kind of other phrase that has negative connotations generally imply somethings wrong.

It’s what got me through the last few months and how I responded to just about everyone when they asked me how I was doing. Because really, the people you see in class and don’t talk to on a day to day basis don’t really care how you are. It’s just a greeting and a way to start or avoid conversation. So by saying “oh you know”, I allow people to assume that I’m that typical university stressed out of my brains life is hectic kind of thing. Not saying that my life wasn’t like that – it’s just not worth it to explain that to everyone.

I think that there was only one person who ever said to me that they didn’t understand what “you know” means. I’m not sure if I should find that depressing or interesting.

In short that’s my semester. It was pretty much like yours – but nothing exciting. I did take on a managing position with my recording stuff, which made life that much more stressful and what have you.

I’m gonna try and do a bit more writing now that school is done, and make a “My favourite albums of 2011” post soon and a review of Amy Wood’s “Cinnamon Heart”. Christmas soon and more things to come.


So – how are you doing?


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