If You Don’t Understand #Occupy







This is why the 99% are mad. They’re the orange line. the 1% is the blue.

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  1. beaufortninja

    I’ve found that the people who don’t like Occupy, even going so far as to mock the protesters, are wealthy people who have never had a problem in their lives, stupid people who fell for the corporate media’s biased reporting, lazy people who don’t care about politics or the direction the country’s going in, and older people who think the citizens should mindlessly follow the government’s wishes. And the main thing behind Occupy is the desire to rid politics of the influence of corporations.

  2. occupyacrossamerica

    I’d add to beaufortninja’s list the people who are in the 99% whose lives are so challenging, who’ve managed to hold a job and support a family despite those hardships, who are, frankly, a little bitter about how hard it’s been for them, such that it becomes a major source of pride to live in this economy. Martyr syndrome.

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