Kick One Off the Bucketlist

So – I found out in one of my classes today that for one of our assignments we make a song and it gets played on the radio! This is one of the things on my bucketlist. So yay. Granted it’s not the track I’d WANT to be played on the radio, but it technically counts.

In other news, school is back in session and I’m having troubles settling in. I got a promotion with my recording job, and this means quite a few more responsibilities and most of the profs come to me and depend on me to get things done for them. This being said – I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be dropping a class, and work at my retail job just so that I can stay sane this semester. If I’m this stressed and exhausted not even two weeks in – I will not be a happy camper come November.

That’s all for now. I’ve been up since 5 am – so 17 hours now, and I was at school for 14 today


One comment

  1. Calandra

    I’m glad you’re going to lighten the load a bit. When you’re stretching yourself too thin, you don’t give your best effort to anything and that’s bad 🙂 you might as well focus fully on a few things. Good luck!!

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