I really want to get a Tattoo.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting a tattoo. I just need something exciting to mix it up and make my life more interesting. I’ve come this far in life and haven’t done a whole lot of stupid stuff with good stories. Need to get this canvas a little dirty.

I’ve wanted to get wings on my ankles for a long time.

Something like this

But I’ve heard ankles are really painful and what not. And I’m just not that convinced on it yet. Maybe if I got to Vegas with Suess for our birthday’s one year I’ll get them there.

I’ve always thought about getting “details details details” on my arm. It’d mean something to me, because my boss always tells me that the details are the most important part of my job. And it’d just be a constant reminder to slow down and appreciate the details, in my career and in life.

Maybe something like this?

What do you guys think? Thoughts? Input?


One comment

  1. Calandra

    The idea of the details is neat, as long as it wouldn’t remind you just of work 🙂 getting something with personal meaning is always better than a random skull! I also don’t think I’d get it in vegas, what if it gets infected or something? It might be better to comparison shop in your area, and if not you can always get it in calgary. My brother got his at tiki tattoos and it’s held up well and he said it was strictly clean/sanitary

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