The Game of “Chicken” in School

Schoolgirl physical education champions at the...

Image by State Library of New South Wales collection via Flickr

So I got into one of those awkward “which way are you going” dances with someone while at work today. And it dawned on me.

We should be forced to play chicken in gym class.

You know, the “game” where two people run/ride/drive at each other, head on, at full speed, and the one who turns at the last second is the loser. They should do it at least once a week from grades 1 – 6. Now the most important part of this entire exercise would be the turning part. From a very young age we should be taught, if ever in these situations, turn right. I don’t care where you’re from, you should pull to the right.

And for that poor kid who turns left, and hopefully smacks into the other kid, he’d have to go again. And again, and again. UNTIL, he turned right. Once he/she finally understood to turn right, then we can move on. There would be this giant fear of getting hurt and smacking into each other that it would just become a reflex to turn to the right.

This skill would transfer into the real world once we get older to. If you’re ever caught in one of these awkward situations where you and a stranger are walking head on, you will both instinctively turn right and ALL crisis’ will be averted. (Also – is the plural of crisis: “crisis”, “cri-sees”, or “crisises”?) Also, if your opposing stranger was one who turned left – you could point and scream/laugh at them for being home schooled. Because clearly if they went to public school where Chicken was played constantly and the right turn was a learned skill, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to turn left.


Let’s all do our best to get the game of Chicken into elementary schools.



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