The Slightly Creepy Kinda Old Asian Man at Work

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So, when I was at work the other day, we were about a half hour til close, and this little Asian guy came into the store to do a return. He seemed to have a screw or two loose, but I’m not sure if that was just him. Anyways, he wanted to return a shirt, and this was his very last day to do so (we have a 60 day return policy). Since it was the last day, the computer was acting odd and we didn’t actually have a price to give him and say “You have $XX.XX to spend – go nuts.” We told him essentially, find yourself a sale shirt that you like, and we’ll just do an exchange and you can leave happy.

He seemed genuinely grateful for this, and insisted the shirt he got had a front chest pocket. This was vital. Apparently no one carries pens around in their pockets anymore and he did not like this. He eventually found himself a shirt and came to the till to pay.

At the till, he asked me how many people were working. It was an odd question for sure, but being the honest, helpful, great employee that I am, I told him that there were five of us working. So as I’m doing my thing and ringing him through and getting his exchange all sorted out, he pulls out $10 and puts it on the counter, and says to me “Here’s $10 for you, go buy everyone working a coffee.”

And I just stood there stunned. What we did was not out of the ordinary for our customers, but he did that anyway. I wasn’t even sure if I was allowed to take the money. I asked my manager and she said that we probably weren’t, but he was already long gone and we were left with $10.


SOoo….. I took it. And now I’ve gotta find a way to pay it forward. Ideas anyone?


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