I am such a Star Wars Nerd…

So for those of you who follow me on Twitter. You’ll know I just bought a new computer! It’s a super sexy 21.5″ iMac and I love it. I was asking on Twitter what I should name my computer. Since “Harddrive” or whatever is pretty boring if you ask me. I carried this on with my portable hard drives and other devices as well. I used to go with the Clue theme, with my computer being Miss Scarlett, my phone being Mrs. Peacock and my hard drive being Colonel Mustard. But that quickly ran it’s course.

So I’ve changed to Star Wars names. My laptop is Echo Base, and I use the Rebel Alliance logo (first from left). My new iMac is called Coruscant, which is a planet in Star Wars that’s one giant city, I figured that was fitting since it’ll be my main computing hub and centre for all activity. I used the Imperial Logo for that since it turns into a city run by the Empire. My two small portable hard drives are Gold Leader (middle) and Red 5 (second from right). I know Gold Leader should actually be a Y-Wing, but I can’t find a Y-Wing icon that looks decent. And then with the new computer I got a chunky 1TB hard drive, and since it’s so phat, and connected to Coruscant all the time, I’ve given it the title of Star Destroyer (far right).

And if you don’t understand ANY of what I just said, go do yourself a favour and watch Star Wars.
Does this make me a huge nerd? Yes. Does this make my computing collection super awesome? Hells yeah!


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