Hey, hey you Motherf*cker!

Dave Grohl is a BAMF.

In other news, Japan has created a band member that is composed of the best part of every other member in her group. Yes, you read it right, she was composed, computer engineers have created a way to make hyper-realistic images and videos of people who don’t actually exist. The whole article is here.

Fans of the band were told that she was an actual real 16 year old extraordinarily hot girl from Saitima Prefecture who liked track and field. Which is a very hot sport for a hot girl to like. Perhaps warning signals should have went off when Aimi blogged that her goal was to, “… become a new idol like never before by taking the best parts of my AKB big sisters.” Which is sounds way more like an alien who gets its powers by leaping onto people’s faces and sucking their souls out through their mouths than a 16 year old girl.

 So Japan is now capable of creating photo realistic human beings in video form, surely that won’t lead to a dystopian nightmare where powerful governments trick us into thinking we’re electing new leaders when we’re really electing hot photo-projections of fake human beings who are actually saying things that creepy old rich men want them to say.

I just want to say that Arthur did it first.


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