Mad Men


Happy Belated Birthday to me! Yay.

My birthday was yesterday and it was rather lackluster. I had gotten my “big” presents prior to my birthday (iPhone and PS3 from lover), so fhere wasnt much to look forward to. Girlfriend did make me a delicious cheesecake yesterday which was wonderful. But other than that, nothing exciting happened on my birthday. Just another Tuesday really.

School has been busy and typically boring. And other than that not a lot has happened.

I have a lot of random things I’ve been meaning to blog about and hopefully I can stretch them over a few posts.

I did get the new Jay-Z book Decoded for my birthday, so I’ve slowly been making my way through that. But it’s made me think about rap vs. rock a lot.

Specifically in lyrical content, Rap tends to be more self centered. Most songs are about how much better than you I am or how my rhymes are more fly than yours. Or how my car is sicker than yours. But for the most part, rap that is considered “good” tells a story. And this is where rock and rap do share a common theme.

However most rap songs are about personal matters and the stories come internally. I have noticed that rock songs take more from an event and a song is written about that event. There is no boasting, no “my guitar is better than yours” or what have you.

These are just some random thoughts of mine after reading about Jay-Z and thinking about Alexisonfire.


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