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You know what I hate?

Places that have two sets of doors at their entrance.

They have them in just about every building at my school, and it drives me crazy. I understand the need to separate the wet part of the building or keep noise out or whatever, but it’s annoying for me! Especially in two very similar, very specific cases.

When you are walking behind someone through both doors (conversely, when they are walking behind you). “Why does this drive you crazy?” you might ask, and I would say;

Because then I am left in this awkward gap in the space time continuum where deja vu occurs every 10 seconds.”

So it’s common courtesy for people to hold open doors for people yes? And when someone holds a door open for you, you thank them, because that’s the polite thing to do. Now – lets say you’ve followed that person through the first door, and now you’re both heading towards the second. You know this awkward moment is going to come up again – Do you thank them a second time? Make eye contact? Nod? If you’re the person holding the door – do you make an extra effort to hold the door open the second time – or do you just keep on about your merry way?

I tend to lean toward the second grouping. I only say thank you the first time they hold the door open for me, and I don’t bother making an extra effort to hold a door open the second time. That’s just me, I’ve asked a few people and they’ve said that they’d thank people after opening both doors.

That’s just me, I figure people would understand that I said thanks the first time and don’t need to hear it again. Maybe I’m rude – but maybe I just don’t feel the need to please someone that much.

What are your thoughts on this space time continuum deja vu door opening duo?


One comment

  1. Calandra

    First of all, cool picture! I understand your disdain with the double doors but mine is mainly that people love to go through the wrong door (ex: going through the left door when they should be going through the right whne i’m ACTUALLY supposed to be going through the left and they redirect traffic flow)
    In regards to your thanks dilemma if someone opens the double door twice I say thanks the first time, then smile the second (or a nod would be acceptable), nonverbal communication can override the awkwardness

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