Ah Disney, Where have you gone?


Chip 'n Dale

Image via Wikipedia


On the heels of the Chip and Dale video I posted last week, I remember the great videos I watched as a kid. These two definitely stood out for me as being some of my favourites. It was this silly slapstick comedy that made (and still does make) Disney great. This is what I consider the best of Disney movies. These shorts play off the characters and the only dialogue is provided by the narrator. I hope you enjoy as much as I do! There will probably be more to follow!

It’s amazing to think that after 60 years – the animation is still so superb. I wish that Disney would go back and look at what made them great before the era of technology and do that. A real animated cartoon would be so superb to watch

Oh and how could I forget this one?! Perhaps the best Disney short of all time. Except it’s kind of terrible to think of Santa pulling a gun on Chip and Dale.


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