From bricks to bombs

From bricks to bombs: A gallery of Brick Works graffiti – The Globe and Mail.

For the full gallery click on the link above.

Just a little info about these pictures. They come from a place in Toronto called Brick Works, which used to be an old brick factory in the industrial district of Toronto. Now it’s used as an urban art area for young talented graffiti artists. Although illegal, the preserves of Brick Works defend the site.

And defend it they must, from the mayoral candidate Rob Ford, who wants to clean up the place if he comes into office.

Personally, I love this idea. I am a huge fan of graffiti as an art form, and I believe that his is the perfect place for such an art to blossom and expand. I feel that there needs to be a certain designated spot in a city that is maintained by someone, where graffiti artists can come and show off their work. If BrickWorks stays and is maintained, and by that I mean that someone paints over it every month or so, then the artists won’t have to deface other public spaces. They’ll be able to work in their own creative thinktank.

We have a wall like this in Victoria that gets re-done every so often. It’s super cool to see the effort those guys put into creating such large scale quality art.



Really want to go photograph this place


In other news, my trial with my crazy landlady was last Tuesday. It did not go in my favour. Unfortunately the BC Residential Tenancy people don’t have any jurisdiction over landlords if you share a bathroom and kitchen with them. A fact I knew going into the trial, but I was told that I should proceed with my claim anyways. She ended up telling me how mad she was that I was wasting her time, and how I was harassing her and such.  Now I need to remind you that I hadn’t emailed her, talked to her or seen her since I had moved out. The only things I had done was send her the original complaint, and the subsequent evidence. I didn’t really expect to win going in, but it feels good to know that I pissed her off that much more, it was definitely the right thing to do, and I’m glad it’s over and done with.




School has been busy as expect this year. 5 classes and two jobs has started taking it’s toll on me. Luckily I have tomorrow off and I don’t work at all next week. Which is will be super nice to just relax and do homework. And boy do I have a lot of it. Two programs I have to code within the next three days. It’s super frustrating too, I get one program working kind of the way it’s suppose to, and then I find out that it doesn’t do everything it’s suppose to. I feel like I should get a better grade than I am going to given all the work I’ve done and the understanding of the assignment that I have.

It’s also a shitty idea for profs to have assignments and stuff do A) on Thanksgiving Day and B) after a long weekend. They’re not there to answer your questions, so you’re basically fucked if anything comes up on the weekend and you need help. Which is the boat I’m in.

For one of my last CSc assignments, I needed help with a program, and I had started with the right idea, but I was executing wrong, so I asked my prof for help, and this is what she said:

"No offense- but your code is so far off something correct
that I don't think you have a clue what you are doing

Did you try reading/understanding my code before you started?
Was that covered in your lab section?
Were you in class when I explained what you are supposed to do?
Did you study linked lists and write code for them before?
Have you read the section on linked lists in the text?
All these things may be helpful to you.I annotated some comments into your code but because you need so
much help, it might be better if you printed this version and
brought it with you to my office. We could step through what your
code is doing (which makes no sense at all) and go through what it is
supposed to be doing"

So yeah, needless to say, I was not feeling too good about that assignment with all her great advice and assistance. It’s her tone, the snarky smart ass comments, and the little comments she makes about how little sense my work makes. I haven’t been at all impressed with anything that’s happened in that class so far and I can’t stand her as a professor. It’s just more proof to me that anyone who is a computer scientist should never teach.

Playing ball hockey on Wednesday’s, doing some recording. Got a sweet project for my recording class coming up, I have to re-record a vocal track to Lights’ Second Go. With annotated lyrics. It should be good! That happens on Friday, I’ll probably post samples as the project comes along.

Anywho, I think I’m gonna sign off for now. Bedtime.

Later days,

– J



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