I wonder if people notice me…

Over the years I’ve become really aware of my ears and how loud my music is. I try and keep my iPod volume very low no matter where I am. I wear earplugs when I go to concerts. I think I worry about my future, and one day not being able to do my job because I’ve gone deaf.

But OTHER PEOPLE seem to not think about these things like I do. They often have their headphones blaring so loud that people surrounding them can hear the music. For the purpose of this blog I am going to generalize the location to the bus, which is where this often occurs.

Now, when I notice these people on the bus with their music so loud, I like to have a little bit of fun. Since the loudest part of any song, or the most audible – whichever you prefer, is usually the drums, and me being a drummer, naturally I like to drum along to other people’s music.

It might start with a subtle foot-tapping along with their beat, but I have once started full air drumming along with some guy’s GNR beat. I always think this would be kind of disturbing for the offender. Having the person across from them on the bus drumming the exact beat their listening to. I wonder if they actually notice, or just assume I’m some nut job air drumming for the hell of it.

Yesterday there was a girl listening to Volcanoes by Damien Rice, and I really wanted to start mouthing the words in hopes that she might see me. That would definitely scare the shit out of me. But alas she never looked my way. So I just did the foottapping drumming anyways.

So, if you’re ever on the bus or in public, and someone starts drumming along to the music in your head – that’s a hint to turn it down.


One comment

  1. calandra

    hmmm sometimes I wonder if I’m one of those people who does that in order to drown out other people’s conversations… but i shall keep that in mind, although it never bothers me when you air drum 😀 haha

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