A Little Less Strange than Eviction

Sigh, so I had said that I was going to try and write more. And…I haven’t been.

I guess I’ve just been tired or bored or just not into writing about my life.

Mostly because nothing interesting has happened to me in the past month.

I moved into my new house and quickly realized how it was nothing as I had first imagined it as. The house is loud in the mornings, creeky, etc etc. The laundry machine shakes the entire house (the first few times I thought I was experiencing an earthquake when I saw my mirror shaking.). The street just outside my window is usually busy. There’s no toaster! No friggen toaster! What the hell is that all about?! And with no TV, there’s not a lot to do here. I’ve actually read more books this summer than I have read in the past few years. More to come on that later.

And that’s just the little things. My landlady is fuckin’ nuts. She is probably bipolar and OCD and something else. Most days she spends her time on her computer in her little room and we can go days without seeing each other. Other times (usually when her kids are over) she’s all uppity and wanting to interact and blah blah blah.

So the first weekend, Girlfriend was here and we had a nice dinner, and wine, and all that grown up stuff, and then we played a game of scrabble, (which, much to Girlfriends sha-grin, I kicked her ass) and then it was late and everything was parting off to their rooms. I asked Landlady (hereafter referred to as LL) if it was okay if Girlfriend could stay the night. And LL kinda laughs, and stammers and is just flat out “No.” Which is a little unexpected for the both of us. She seemed to really like Girlfriend and I and seemed like the kind of lady that wouldn’t have a problem with it. But apparently so. Thus Girlfriend went home unhappy and I went to my room and the awkwardness only got worse from there.

I eventually sat down and talked with her about it and she basically said that she didn’t feel comfortable having Girlfriend stay over because she likes feeling comfortable in the mornings and apparently that wouldn’t happen if Girlfriend stayed. Also she didn’t want to have 2 tenants staying here for the price of 1. Because apparently the cost of electricity and water would exponentially grow when she’s here. The distance to her house is so small that I don’t think she would ever shower here. Basically her reasons where invalid and just stupid excuses.

I left that conversation even more confused and frustrated with her. Told Girlfriend who was equally frustrated and spent the night staying in my room.

The next day just after noon, she sent me an email stating:

“I need to inform you that it would be best if you sought a more suitable accommodation in which to live as this arrangement does not appear to be a good fit for either of us.

It is of utmost importance that we are both comfortable with living arrangements here in the meantime.

My experiences thus far in letting rooms in my home have all been seamless and I need for this to be a continuum for many reasons.”

Now, not only did she send me this email, she printed out a copy of it and placed it on the kitchen table in case I didn’t see it. I also can’t believe that she said that it is of the utmost importance for us to be comfortable. Well! Now it’s even awkward for me to go downstairs and cook, or hang out, or anything. Girlfriend hasn’t been over since this conversation and she won’t be over while I still live here, if LL is still here.

So basically my only choice is to move out. I never responded to the email because I think that that’s probably the most immature way to talk with someone when they’re in the same house at the same time. She could have very easily walked up the stairs, knocked on the door and talked to me. But she decided to be immature and cowardly and email me.

I went a few days without seeing LL after that and did my best to avoid her and her daughter as much as possible. Mind you this was maybe a week, week & a 1/2 since I had moved in. So I was not aware of everything in the house.

Which is why I received yet another email a few days ago. This one telling me that I need to a better job of cleaning and picking up my share of the work load. Which is fucking ridiculous because I do my own dishes, empty the garbage, haven’t lived here long enough to validate vacuuming, and was told that LL was going to take care of the bathrooms for the first week. So – what was there for me to do? This lady is very very retarded and childish. Words can’t really describe how much this woman confuses me.

So I am moving out on August 15th, Girlfriend lives in a house with the same kind of situation, she shares with a couple and 2 other roommates. Well lucky for me one of the rooms is opening up, so I’m going to move in there on the 21st. Maybe Girlfriend and I will go on a vacation for those 5 days….that’s an idea.

Well, I think that’s enough for tonight about my crazy living situation. Go check out this guys landlord, I guess it could be worse.

I suppose it could always get worse...


At least the dog likes me.



  1. calandra

    I am not patient enough to read that whole blog but OH GOD YOUR ARE EVICTED? 😐 so bad. your situation is worse though ❤

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