Misery has Company

Woman, 80, survives car plunge over B.C. cliff and two days without help – The Globe and Mail.

Holy cow! This lady pulled a Paul Sheldon. For those of you who don’t know, Paul Sheldon is from the Stephen King book Misery. For those of you who don’t know, Paul Sheldon gets in a car crash, gets “rescued” by some crazy lady who forces him to write a book for her.

Anyways, this lady got in a car crash, and survived for two days. And did we mention she’s EIGHTY?! Bad ass.

After a 60-metre fall partway down a cliff, Betty Lyons and her battered sedan were suspended by nothing more than a few trees, with the 80-year-old woman unable to even see the highway she had just plunged from – much less climb the sheer incline.

Cars went by Highway 3, just an hour east of Castlegar, B.C., but Ms. Lyons was so far down the cliff that she could not be seen or heard.

Although her 2007 Acura sedan was badly damaged in the Monday morning accident, Ms. Lyons crawled out of the vehicle with just bruises and cuts, according to police. She slid down the slope in search of a flatter area and waited – for two days.

She had nothing – no food, water, warm clothing or a way to reach the outside world – except for the unshakeable belief that her family would come for her. A day after the RCMP search and rescue helicopter returned no results, Ms. Lyons’ family chartered a private helicopter from Vancouver to look for her.

Their hope was rewarded more than 48 hours later after the private helicopter spotted her Acura.


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