A few of Banksy's pieces

I’ve been looking at a lot of graffiti lately – makes me want to go see the new Banksy movie – Exit Through the Gift Shop ( For most of you who don’t know, Banksy is an iconic graffiti artist who originated in London. He does mostly stencil graffiti which is famous for it’s political and social commentary. The movie is about a guy who is trying to find and befriend Banksy, but somehow Banksy turns the cameras on him or something else. I just want to see it for the graffiti.

I’ve read that recently Banksy has been altering some 25+ year old installments of another famous Londoner – who goes by Robbo. Apparently Robbo didn’t take too kindly to this and has started somewhat of a graffiti war. I’m kind of interested to see how far it will go. And whether or not these guys are taking themselves seriously.

So yeah – I love graffiti. When it is more of an art than of a gang sign or tag or whatever. Which is common to the areas I reside in. I think it’s a great thing and a good expression. The guys and gals who do it are super talented as artists. I think there should be designated areas in urban centres which are the graffiti zones. So that the artists won’t have to be vigilante’s trying to get their art out. I also really like this picture – took me a while to figure out what it actually is. Maybe you can too!

Can you see it?



  1. Anonymous

    I believe that there should be should be designated graffiti zones too! It’s an art form and people should be able to express themselves.

  2. brasskeys

    Vandalism. That is what it is. Just because you think there should be “designated graffiti zones” does not make vandalism okay. Until these “zones” become real don’t mess up shit. Ever heard of a canvas? Don’t force your “art” onto the public. There is a reason this isn’t in a gallery.

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