This Week In News

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done this…. So I feel like reporting some news! Thing you might have seen or might not have! Enjoy!

Some crazy 13 year old kid climbed to the top of Mount Everest today. He promptly then called his mom. Great. 13 year olds are doing things I’ll never do in my life. Good grief.

The youngest climber to reach the peak of Mount Everest hugged his tearful companions and told them he loved them. Then 13-year-old Jordan Romero took the satellite phone and called his mom.

“He says, ‘Mom, I’m calling you from the top of the world,'” a giddy Leigh Anne Drake told The Associated Press from California, where she had been watching her son’s progress minute by minute on a GPS tracker online.

In other news, Venus Williams won the French Open – and decided to wear her lingerie to the match.

I guess that’s one way to make tennis more exciting. At least she decided to wear underwear.

I saw IronMan 2 today. It was pretty good. Probably better as a renter. All the toys were pretty cool and all. But the plot was weak and the battle scenes bland. The final battle only lasted 2 minutes or so. When I think of good end battles, I automatically thing of Return of the Jedi – and how long the fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader – and then Lord Sidious went on. I was expecting that from IronMan, or something similar. But alas. Whatever. Scarlett Johannson was pretty dang good looking though. Must be the curly dark hair and leather body suit – Girlfriend taking notes?

In Albertan news, some kid who wants to wear a kilt to graduation isn’t allowed. Part of me wants to be on his side and say go for it – stick it to the man and stand out. But part of me is just like – eh who cares, wear it to the dinner, when people will actually see it. Just my opinion.



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