Sick Puppies World Crew – CD Review

(UPDATE: See my newest defense after a flurry of posts from the Sick Puppies Fans. Click here!)

So I did a review of a Sick Puppies CD, Tri-Polar, way back last summer. I found out recently that it ended up on the Sick Puppies fan forum. They didn’t really enjoy it that much. Saying that I’m a “crippled old fart” and apparently a female.

I find this pretty funny. I think that my review is a fair assessment of that CD and discussed it thoroughly. I will admit that the only song I’d ever heard of theirs was “All The Same” and that’s what I was expecting and based the review off of. Maybe if I were getting paid to do these reviews, I’d put a little more research into the music before I started. But nyeh. Not too choked about it.

It’s cool to see that people from all over the world are reading my reviews via my blog. And not surprising that they didn’t like it. I probably wouldn’t like it if someone bashed an Alexisonfire or City and Colour CD, so I will give them that. In my defense, I think I do have good tastes in music and I can definitely tell when all the songs on a CD sound similar and have little variation.

So to all you Sick Puppies fans out there, thanks for reading and enjoying!

I’ve put the link to the forum below. Take a look!

Sick Puppies World Crew – View topic – CD Review – Tri-Polar on WordPress.



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  3. Gerald Bourguet

    I can understand that you think there was a lack of variety on “Tri-Polar” because most of it was very similar. But I think if you’re going to post a review, you should probably be familiar with the music. I understand not putting the work in because you’re not getting paid, but then why even do it at all? It hurts your credibility, and based on what I’ve seen from your blog, that’s unfortunate because you seem like an authority on the music you are familiar with.

    • JCS

      As I have admitted, I didn’t do as much research for that particular CD as I could have. Granted I was writing for an audience, and I was under the impression that the general reader would be in the same boat as I was. That boat being one where the only Sick Puppies song they had ever heard was All The Same. I was writing the reviews for fun and it was a good way to get into a lot of new music (I was given CD’s by my school newspaper to review).

      So even though it’s music I’m generally familiar with, the populous might not be, and I felt it was my job as a reviewer to make a wide scoping review that gives the reader a starting point, (eg. All The Same) which they’ll be familiar with, and move on from there. I could have listened to a few of their other songs and said instead “Sick Puppies is a hard rock band that got notoriety with a soft rock song – so don’t be fooled like I was.” Which still would have come across in the same condescending tone. Granted I don’t think I’m ever going to win with this one.

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