Lego Photos

Here’s a guy doing something pretty cool, he’s taking well known photos and then taking them again using Lego. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Click on the link for more.

This is from the National Geographic cover. I’ve always liked this photo, so it’s cool to see it done in Lego

Afghan Girl on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.


One comment

  1. brasskeys

    This. Sucks. Ass.

    Conceptually, it has potential to be amusing in a Pop Art way.
    Follow-through: weak. Really just anti-climatic. A Lego girl with a bit of straw-mat around her. Never would anyone guess what it was supposed to imitate. I thought it was an idiot Mona Lisa. Or worse, the Virgin Madonna because Red is her color.
    This guy needs a new strategy or a better aesthetic.

    Remove this nonsense at once.

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