Our PM, the goon.

I think Stephen Harper would probably do a better job as a goon for the Calgary Flames than as Prime Minister. I don’t really understand how the guy has anything to complain about. He basically just took leave from his job for 2 months so he can hang out and watch hockey. It’s just stupid.

PM prefers NHL to Parliament – The Globe and Mail.

Stephen Harper says he’d rather be playing hockey in the NHL than playing politics in the House of Commons.

“It’s probably terrible to say but any Canadian boy, if he could play in the NHL, would play in the NHL,” Mr. Harper said in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Michael Farber.

In a piece setting up the Vancouver Olympics, Mr. Farber had asked Mr. Harper if, given a choice, he would rather be serving as prime minister or playing professional hockey.

A fan and student of the game (and of U.S. media interviews), Mr. Harper is writing – and has been for years now – a book on the history of hockey in Canada. Not surprisingly he had some interesting insights about it and how it complements the Canadian psyche.

“Hockey is a fast, aggressive, tough sport and that’s an important part of the Canadian psychology and history,” he said. “It’s sometimes forgotten because Canadians are thought of as peace-loving and fair-minded and pleasant – which I think we are – but that’s not inconsistent with tough and aggressive and ambitious, which I think is also part of the national character.”

He also noted that he was recently “chatting” with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev about the game, noting that they come from the two coldest countries on Earth and “not by coincidence, the two best hockey countries.”


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