A Few Notes for Living with Other People

Over the past year and a half, I have had a total of 10 different roommates. And I have come to notice a few things about living with certain styles of people. I will list them here.

  • If you are an OCD person, live with another OCD person, or by yourself
  • People have different interpretations of dirty, loud, clean or respectable
  • People are best approached head on, being blunt gets you results
  • If you are not abrasive and set up boundaries within the first month, you are fucked forever
  • If you are an OCD person and go to some lengths to keep your house organized and clean, your roommates will almost always give you no appreciation for it and/or take all the credit for it
  • People are usually pretty oblivious to the things that upset you
  • People are no longer aware of their noise in the rooms next to them
  • If you share anything, your roommates will assume that means everything

This is just a small list for the time being. It is a result of me cleaning my bathroom tonight, and my roommate who seems oblivious of common courtesy/helping around the house. It’s just frustrating sometimes. Maybe we need an intervention.


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