Prelude & Fugue in G minor

So right now I’m sitting in the recording booth listening to a brass ‘choir’ play something called a Nonet. Who knows what it is. I decided to write a blog entry whilst I am recording though! Hurray for a terribly boring job.

My oh my it has been a long time since I have actually written a post in this blog. Lots has gone on. Maybe no particularly with me, but in the rest of the world. In my little corner of it though, much has stayed the same. I’m still in school, surviving my 3rd week already. Holy shit. Things are going to start picking up here soon so I’m going to get even more busy. Since I’m in a recording techniques class, much of my time this semester is going to be recording, OUTSIDE of the hours that I work. The class I am in is kind of redundant for me because this is my second year as a recording tech, and we’re suppose to have taken that course before we even START working as tech. Oops. Oh well. Tomorrow I will be recording some drums with a friend of mine to add to his tracks. It should be pretty fun, and kind of hard. I’m going to be the one playing drums. I’ve never actually recorded drums to a full track before, so we’ll see how I do. I will post the results later tomorrow afternoon.

I sent in my application to the Banff Centre earlier this week. This was a big step for me. Attending the Banff Centre has been one of my goals ever since I first heard about it in grade 11. I am skeptical about whether I will get in, but even sending in an application is a pretty big accomplishment for me. I hope I heard from them soon, the deadline is Monday, so hopefully sometime in early February I will find out.

Did you know I have a terrible time spelling the word February? Even though I was born in that month I still, after almost 20 years, can’t spell it right on the first try. It’s okay, you can laugh at me.

In the news lately, there’s been this whole Haiti thing. I don’t really understand it. Yes, I get that there was an earthquake and millions of people are pretty much fucked over. But it’s stupid how people will drop everything to try and help right away. Girlfriend told me that there was an earthquake of the same magnitude in Nicaragua some time in the past, which is in Central America, in case you were wondering, and no one did anything to help. Why? Because we don’t like Nicaragua. Do we know why? Nope. Just didn’t want to help. But why do we want to help Haiti? Why not Rwanda? Or Iraq? Or Afghanistand? Oh right! That was our fault, not our problem to clean up. But if “Mother Nature” happens to fuck up Haiti, we ALL gotta JUMP up and save them. Imagine if all these funds for Haiti were going to Iraq or Afghanistan where we’ve already bombed the shit out of people.

Anywho, I hope I gave you enough to think about. I didn’t finish this entry until 2 days later…so maybe I’ll do a new one today or tomorrow to make up for it! I also have recordings from yesterday to include

Later days,

– J


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