There’s an App for that:

In the news today, I came across an interesting article about an app for skiers and snowboarders alike. Apparently ski hills have been inflating their numbers about how much snow is actually on the hill that day. Well thanks to a new app for your iPhone and a bunch of research by some Ivy League nerds, you can learn how much snow is ACTUALLY on the hill. Pretty nifty.

Ski resorts have for years pulled a subtle snow job on their customers, routinely inflating how much new snow falls on Saturdays and Sundays to lure the weekend crowd. It’s why that 20 centimetres in the snow report never seemed as deep on the hill as it sounded on paper.

The deceptive advertising has been decisively busted by the internet, where skeptical skiers can now check a application on their iPhone to vet the resort-supplied snow tally against first-hand accounts from the slopes and lifts.

Once the app was embraced around a year ago, the snow jobs suddenly ceased.

See more on the article here:


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