The next installment…

Of my life! Yay!
I can tell you are absolutely thrilled. I know I sure am.

So it’s been a while since I have written an actual post about my life (17 days to be exact. Yikes!). So I figure what better time than a Friday night to update my blog. How cool am I.

The story of me has been chugging along rather nicely the past while. Christmas was satisfactory. I saw the people I needed to see, hugged those who needed to be hugged and ate lots of food. Surprisingly I still weigh the same as I have since say….2 years ago. I guess it wasn’t that much food. Home was home. Typical, boring. I played lots of Modern Warfare 2. In doing so, I am now good enough to play here at home with my roommates. Yay. I saw my family, which isn’t that great, I’m not the greatest cousin or nephew or grandchild or what have you. I basically hate my cousins because we are so far apart in age and I just don’t do young kids very well. When they are old enough to understand the greatness that is sarcasm, then we can talk. Literally. So that’s that.

For Christmas I got those headphones and the Quebec Nordiques shirt that I had mentioned on my list. Other than that, I didn’t really get a whole hell of a lot. The usual stuff, and then some lotion and a page a day calendar! And a leg0 t-shirt, well a t-shirt you can put lego on. But I can’t figure out what to put on it yet, so blahhh. I got Planet Earth too! I’m kinda a loser like that and enjoy watching those kind of movies. It’s going to be great when Girlfriend and I open it up and watch it on our big screen.

I have officially completed Week One, of Semester Two, of Year Two. Yes for us Victorians, we started on the 4th. I am only taking five classes this semester as not to kill myself. One of my class is called Recording Techniques and it’s basically the only thing I’ve been looking forward too for a long time. School-wise. You may or may not know, I was looking into may different options for my schooling as I was not happy here last semester. My solution is to stay with the program and take five years to complete it, rather than the recommended four. There is no way I will be able to do well in these classes if I am trying to cram them all in at once.

On the side I’ve applied to the Banff Centre of the Arts for an Audio Assistantship this summer. I am much looking forward to that. Even if I don’t get in for this summer, I will no doubt apply until I get in. This is something I’ve wanted to do since the 11th grade. Otherwise classes have been pretty standard. As it’s the first week not too much has happened so far, so it’ll be interesting to see come 3 or 4 weeks from now.

Tomorrow I’m doing something exciting! Recording a band! I’ve contacted the guitar player from jazz band (where I am now playing drums, yay) and got his band to come in and lay down some tracks. I have no idea how it’s going to sound yet, but it’ll be fun hopefully!

Girlfriend and I are going to a hockey game on Tuesday! I’m very excited for that as we’ve been trying to plan this for quite some time! She planned it all out and bought the tickets, which was really nice. Hopefully it’ll be a good game!

I guess overall I’m much happier to be starting a new semester and I’ve got lots more to look forward to! Which is good! Maybe one day I’ll go out photo-taking and see what I can find in the wet winter of Victoria.

Stay tuned for next time on….

– J


One comment

  1. calandra

    I’m glad that my presents don’t classify as usual (insert msn sunglasses face here)
    This is an extra happy optimistic post about the upcoming semester, I’m ever so proud
    Even if you think you aren’t the best insert relative here, you are one of the best friends ever

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