15 Great Photos from the Past 100 Years




  1. brasskeys

    I only know the Burma picture. What are the rest, lover? I think one is from WWII or Vietnam.

  2. JCS

    Umm, if you click on the link, there’s a description of everything there.

    But in order from top left corner clockwise to bottom left.

    1. NASA: Pillars of Creation [1995]
    2. Stuart Franklin: Tiananmen Square [1989]
    3. Various: Olympics Back Power Salute [1968]
    4. Malcolm W. Brown: Burning Monk [1963]
    5. Robert Capa: Death of a Loyalist Soldier [1936]

    • JCS

      Could they get camera’s into Burma in the first place?

      I think he’s protesting something or other.

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