It just gets worse…

This is a follow-up on the article from yesterday regarding the Toronto Humane Society. Terrible stuff to ever have happen. I wonder why when it happens to animals we seem to care more or feel worse….

Investigators have discovered a mummified cat inside a live trap in the ceiling of the Toronto Humane Society.

The discovery was made moments before the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was to give reporters a tour of the River Street shelter.

“That’s dry as a bone, it has to have been there for over a year,” the agent who found the cat said. “Maggots have been there and then have left.”

“I’ve been an investigator for 15 years but that sent a chill right down my spine when I saw that,” said OSPCA officer Kevin Strooband.

“This is unbelievable. I’m still reeling … This is a house of horrors.”



  1. calandra

    because how can we hurt animals when they think we just want to care for them especially ones in the humane society 😦 i could just murder someone for hurting a kitty

  2. ProfessorMuckefuck

    Mr Trow is using my donations to the Toronto Humane Society to pay for his legal fees. The donations were for the care of the animals, which he never did properly, and yet he doesn’t hesitate to use that same money for his own needs. He is a lawyer. He has enough money to pay for his own lawyer. Everyone wanted him to leave but he just refused. It was a happy day to see him and his cronies finally arrested.

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