Roll With It

So, I’ve decided that I am never going to bed before 9 pm. Ever again. My body has some weird problem/curse where no matter when I go to sleep. I will wake up 6 – 8 hours later. So last night, I went to bed at 9, and I was up at 4 am. Great. I had to leave Girlfriend’s house to come home because I couldn’t fall asleep. We watched “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” yesterday. Which is about an eight-year-old boy who grows up in WWII Germany. His father is the kommandant of the extermination camp Auschwitz. It’s quite a tragic story and I would highly recommend seeing it. Girlfriend didn’t like the ending though. I did, I think it was probably the most realistic thing that would have happened given the circumstances.

In case you DON’T know. I had lost my computer to problems for the second time in about 3 months. After about 3 weeks of waiting I finally got it back this week. And I am definitely happier with it. Is that sad? Probably. Oh well. I had a lot of stuff on here that I couldn’t do. Like a music paper, a whole bunch of CD reviews and writing blogs! So I am getting started on that again. Maybe I’ll finish all three of those things this morning! It could turn out to be a productive day!

My jazz band concert is tonight. Great. I am so excited. Except not at all. I have dreaded jazz band and hate the class. I barely do anything so it’s practically a waste of time for me. I guess I set myself up for this, my teacher/conductor lady said that I’d be bored most of the time. I originally wanted to play vibraphone, but that doesn’t really happen because it’s so much of a hassle to get my instruments. I had to go buy a shaker for myself so that I had one to use. So once this is over I won’t have to deal with it for a while. I’m probably going to send an email to the conductor of the Symphonic Band for Non-Music majors and see if I can join that next semester. It should be more rewarding.

Plans have been made for coming home @ Christmas. I will be arriving on the 19th, staying the night in Calgary, going to Thunder Bay to visit my grandparents there for 3 days, and return on the 23rd. This second part is tentative, but probable. On the 23rd, Girlfriend comes home too! So I get to pick her up at the airport and bring her home (hopefully.), then we can go to a party with my friends. I’m pretty excited for that, no one has met her and I want to show them the girl I’m happy to be with!

What else is newsworthy here….I finished my season of NHL 10 yesterday. This really means nothing to anyone but me. But I feel like sharing. I created a character and played through a whole 82 game season and then playoffs. I finished with 120 points in the regular season, 31 in the playoffs. I won 7 awards and the Stanley Cup. Man I am a loser.

It’s been pissing rain for the past 3/4 days. It absolutely sucks. Everything is so fucking water-logged and soaked it’s just gross.

Christmas is coming up slowly. I’m probably just going to get my parents/family/friends small things. I saw ‘Up’ with my mom when I was in Calgary this summer, so I might get her that. Or a puzzle. I’ll probably get my Dad some movie that he always says is so good. Or maybe I’ll buy them “The Proposal.” There’s a funny story behind this: When my parents came in October, they told me and Girlfriend, “You guys should go see the Proposal, we saw it and it was so good.” And Girlfriend and I kinda look at each other…and we’re like…what? Is there some kind of hint behind this? Awkward….So now we’ve kinda made it our own personal joke.

School has been going terribly for the past few weeks. Every Monday comes around and I say to myself “It’s just going to be one of those weeks.” Well, when every week has become “one of those weeks,” I think somethings wrong. I hate all of my classes, nothing really interests me and I just want to do what I enjoy. Because of this, I’ve looked into going somewhere else for school. The next closest thing to the program we have here at UVic is in Lethbridge. I am not at all close to deciding on a place and I’m just inquiring now. Next semester I am going to drop the two Computer Science courses I have scheduled to take, and maybe take a photography class. Or something that legitimately interests me. None of this stupid electrical engineering crap. I’ve only talked to a few people about this, and I am planning to meet with my boss (who is also the head of our program and become kind of a mentor for me) and see what he has to say. I sent him this lengthy email about how much I hate the program, he said we should go for lunch and talk. Which will be good.

Hopefully I’ve given you something to read and enjoy and think about. More to come soon.

Later days,

– J



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