The News: Brought to you by Tinkie Winkie!

Apparently a man in London, Ontario is being wanted for a robbery after stealing cash from a woman while pointing a gun at her. The weird part is. He was dressed as the big purple Teletubby, Tinkie Winkie. I feel like this guy shouldn’t be too hard to find. But apparently so. Seriously, the dude couldn’t have bought a mask? He had to go for the big gay Teletubby costume?

A $1.5 billion dollar cruise liner barely cleared a bridge in Denmark. The ocean liner that is 5 times the size of the Titanic had less than a meter and a half gap under the bridge. Which is only a little considering the boat is 20 stories tall. This boat can house almost 10 000 people, larger than plenty of communities, and it luckily got under the bridge with people on both sides waiting, and probably hoping for a crash. The cruise is now headed home to Florida.

I will try and find video footage of this shortly.

Apparently Lady Gaga, MJ, Coco Chanel and Balloon boy were the ‘coolest’ adult costumes this halloween. I say: Lame.


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