Say It Ain’t So

You’re singing that song by Weezer now aren’t you? Well if you weren’t, you are now. And if you still aren’t…here you go.

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Which is saddening I know. You all love to read my blog so much and somedays you just can’t live without it. Well rejoice! I am writing again. One of the reasons I haven’t been writing is that my computer has died AGAIN. I was watching the Office with Girlfriend last week, and the screen just shut off. The computer works fine, I am just not getting anything on the screen. If you remember my post from this summer, you’ll remember that this has happened before. And I spent two weeks this summer whining and complaining about my lack of computer. I won’t bother you with that story as you can read about it on your own time. Anyways, I called Apple the next day, they said they’d pay for it again (lucky me) and then I took it into a computer store. They said it should be ready sometime next week. Which is nice, but then again. Not really.

I was really hoping to get some homework done this weekend, and maybe review some CDs. Alas, my computer is gone, so none of that can happen. Being in my house sucks without a computer. There’s not a lot to do, so I’m spending even more time playing video games. Really. Such a nerd.

Yesterday was Halloween. Hurray for that. My house was hardly exciting last night. Girlfriend (Baseball Player/Emo) and I (Elvis Costello) dressed up, and we forced my roommates to make some impromtu costumes. We eventually sat around and watched Troy for most of the night. And it really isn’t that great of a movie. Rather boring if you ask me. But still a good time hanging out. K, and his girlfriend carved a pumpkin which was kinda cool. But eh. I thought that it’s quite a pointless endevour. I think they ended up getting smashed by someone over the course of the night.

I’m really not a big holiday guy. Halloween was never about anything more than the candy and Christmas and such is never about anything more than the presents. I guess you could say I’m just greedy. My christmas list will be coming out soon for all of you who want to know what to buy me. 🙂

Today is another lazy day, like the rest of this lazy weekend. I’m at work right now. I will be here for most of the day, then home to relax some more. Weekends have become the only time for me to really relax and I definitely don’t feel like doing anything but nothing during them. Maybe if  I get my computer next week, I can record. Maybe this week I’ll force myself to play guitar more so that I’ll actually have something to record.

I scrapped by my mid-terms last week with 2 52%’s and a 67%. Thank god.

My parents were here all last week. And this is a visit different from any other that they’ve had here with me. We didn’t go on a big shopping spree and spend $300+ at Wal-Mart or whatever. So there really wasn’t much to do. We went for dinner and lunch lots so I was fed well all week. But I think they were pretty bored. They were on TV for the Torch Relay when it arrived in Victoria. This was a pretty big deal and probably my mom’s highlight of the trip.

Anywho, the show is about to start so I suppose I should pay attention. Em if you are reading, I have not forgotten about our music challenge. I just haven’t been listening to enough good music lately to be able to post anything!

Later days

– J


One comment

  1. you know who :P

    maybe you can spice up your day with some glow in the dark condoms, or at least more disturbing texts.

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