Blah, I feel like I’m in one of those moods where I have to blog everything.

In case you haven’t seen it, my twitter on the side “Things She Says” has been going for a while, and it’s all the random things that my girlfriend asks/says to me. So check it out if you’re bored! It’s a good way for us to remember the things we talk about. But she’s getting kinda annoyed with it I think. I tend to whip out my cell phone pretty frequently when we’re together.

Also, my reviews are doing well in the paper here. I had a meeting with the Arts editor and he said if there’s shows or bands I’d like to interview then I just have to let him know, and he’ll try to make it happen. Which is pretty cool. Maybe I’ll finally get to go to all these shows like I’ve always wanted to! I think it’s kinda weird and kinda cool being in a paper like this one. I walk by people reading it and kinda giggle to myself and think that they could be reading my articles and stuff. It’s cool to know that there are people out there, who you walk by everyday, maybe even sit next to in class that do that kinda thing. Maybe even on a more grandious scale.

Things are going well at home. Our one roommate who cooks went to Calgary for thanksgiving. So we’ve been kinda managing on our own. My one roommate K made us a good dinner on Friday night, but unfortunately it wasn’t until 8 pm. He did a great job of making everything, but it just didn’t come together at the right times, we were sitting around waiting for food for a couple hours and it really sucked. I’m still undecided on the cable. I don’t think we need this many channels. I thought it was going to be good and we’d watch the news sometimes and what have you. But not really, we only really watch about 6 or 7 channels: Discovery, CBC, TSN, Sportsnet, Spike, and a few other channels here and there. I dunno, still seems kinda like a waste to me.

Okay, I have to go shower now. More homework to do today.

Later days,

– J


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