Man, I feel bad. I rag on people all the time about not updating their blogs, and here I am, not updating mine. Sigh. It’s hard sometimes! I can understand. Also, there was really nothing that interesting happening in the news this past week. Yes I know you’re all going to say Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize, what do you think?!

Well I’ll let you know. I think he deserves it! He’s inspired a nation to turn around their country and a bunch of other crap. And honestly, who else would they give it to? Some random that no one cares about? Great. Another year Nobel goes on being an irrelevant part of society. But instead they picked Obama, so good on them!

“for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”

Need I remind you people that Al Gore won in 2007? I think Obama has the right and has accomplished enough to be in the same boat as some of these people, and its just a precursor for things to come.

Thank god for a long weekend. Man it feels good. Yesterday was a busy day, the girlfriend and I had a splendid time downtown. Shopping and taking pictures. I got a roll of film developed (See flickr in the side) and some of those olympic mittens! Hurray. I feel so patriotic. I can’t wait to wear them. It’s kinda sad that gloves make me feel patriotic. Considering I’m not all that passionate about Canada to begin with. Oh well. There’s a lot of controversy over here about the olympics and building it on Native land, and the Bay making the Cowichan sweaters and now local Natives, and now there’s a law in progress against making noise and interrupting entertainment at the games. It’s directed at marketing and trying to prevent people from just handing out flyers and stuff which causes litter. But I think there are some underlying parts that prevent protesting or anything and would make it illegal. Read more here:

So yesterday was a good day, we ended off the night watching a documentary called “Please Vote for Me.” It was about a 3rd grade class in China, who are participating in democracy! They’re voting for a new class monitor! It’s pretty funny to see the lengths that these kids go to: backstab, memorize speeches, debate, lie, bribe and all the other things regular politicians do. It was a really cute and funny movie that you should see if you have nothing better to do and like politics, or China, or anything!

I think B and Geoffrey (her hippo) and I are going to have our thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. We were going to go to a potluck tonight, but we were just not in the mood to get out of sweatpants today after a long day of studying. We’re probably just going to get a chicken and have some mashed potatoes or something. Thanksgiving isn’t really a big deal to me like it is to some people. I did miss the food, having a turkey and mashed potatoes and all but these kind of occasions aren’t my thing. I’m not a very sentimental person to begin with. And there’s only so much you can do to make a thanksgiving dinner different from year to year. My parents do a good job and I think I did miss that, but it’s nothing overwhelming. I’ll survive. It’ll just make Christmas that much better when I do come home. (Yes you Calgary readers, I am coming home for Christmas).

This week coming up is going to suck for me. Two midterms and a tough Software Engineering assignment. So blah. Hopefully I’ll be able to live. I always say that, and I feel like there is never a reason that I would die. I just like to talk in hyperbole.

B’s friend from Lethbridge/Calgary came last week, and it was really neat to meet someone she talks so much about. It was also interesting to see into that part of her life. I really only know the part of my girlfriend from Victoria, I don’t think I’ll ever know what she used to be like when she was in her first years of university. And hearing her friend tell stories about people and see B laugh and smile around her made me happy to know her. And to know the girl she is now. I believe strongly in who you were makes you who you are. And whatever happened to her that made her who she is now, I don’t need to know that, because I know it’s who she is now that is the person I like.

I’m not sure what else to say. I’m going to post a music I’ve been listening to lately. And I think I need to beat Em with an awesome youtube video too!

Later days,

– J



  1. brasskeys

    First Peoples not Natives.

    Al Gore deserved the prize because he DID something. All Obama does is give speeches, bone Oprah and purchase puppy dogs. He will be assassinated by 2011 and then what? Another wasted award on a dead black person. I want Hillary hurumph!

    And yay…you like me.

  2. calandra

    That comic is effing epic and practically makes up for me having to watch An Inconvenient Truth in bio

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