CKY – Carver City – Roadrunner Records

CKY – Carver City – Roadrunner Records

CKY, often called Camp Kill Yourself is a quartet hailing out of the USA and have come forth with their fourth studio album entitled Carver City. After a few member changes and an equal amount of record company changes, the band has finally settled. Some may be surprised to know that Jess Margera, brother to Bam is the drummer for CKY. Because of this connection, you will find many of CKY’s songs on the Jackass soundtrack, as well as games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Now that’s really ‘helping a brother out.’

The associations with the band give you a good idea of what kind of music CKY plays. Itunes labels them as “rock” but I would have to suggest that they’re somewhere closer to the metal side of the spectrum. Carver City comes in at 42 minutes in length with 11 songs for your pleasure.

I was surprised how much singing was on this CD; I was expecting more unintelligible screaming and growling that is associated with metal. Carver City is a good mix of all styles of rock and metal.

“Imaginary Threats” the fourth song on this CD was the first to catch my ear. It immediately reminded me of “The Hand That Feeds” by NIN. I feel as if I could start singing that song to the guitars and drums of Imaginary Threats at times. I’m not too sure if this is a good thing or not.

Carver City is a well rounded CD but after the first listen, I’m not really sure how much they can be considered metal. It is true that there are a lot of stylisitic metal guitar rifts, but the drumming throughout the entire CD gives off a little bit of a dance feel.

I wouldn’t recommend Carver City to a strict metal fan, but for those who want to move into a little bit heavier stuff, this would be a good stepping stone.


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