CD Review – Subb – To This Beat

Subb – To This Beat – Stomp Records

This punk/ska outfit that hails from St-Jean sur Richelieu (just outside Montreal) has spent the last few months playing quite a few shows in their home province. Subb is a quintet that has been playing for almost 15 years now and this is the eighth studio album they have released.
Their sound is pretty typical of a punk/ska outfit but they have a unique melodic style that comes out in songs like “I Love MTL.” This is one of my favourite tracks on the CD. In an upbeat tribute to their hometown, Subb combines whistling, singing, and rapping for a playful song.
Each track on this 16 song CD is different than its predecessor, showing the band’s versatility and stylistic flavour.  For three tracks on “To the Beat,” reggae artist Jah Cutta, (also from Montreal) helps out and does some singing. His voice really compliments the band on those tracks.
One thing about this CD that I really dislike is the editing. Almost every track on the CD fades out before it should. It’s really annoying when a song ends before it’s come to a final conclusion. So it sucks when you’re finally getting into the song and then it just comes to a halt!
Subb has a socially conscious side that comes out in their lyrics. The first song titled “Black Gold” states “Support fair trade by any means/Make the right choice and please come clean.” It’s clear that Subb is not in a fan of oil.
“To The Beat” is a solid ska/punk CD that will please those who are fans of the genre. For newbies to the ska sound and vibe, this would be a good starter CD that has enough elements of punk and rock to please everyone.


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