Long Road Ahead

So as I type this I am listening to Velvet Brown play the tuba. Well actually right now she’s talking. I have never seen one performer talk so fucking much. I can’t stand it. Players should just come out and play. If you want to talk become a fucking actor.

As you can see, or read, I suppose, I am a little grumpy right now. Today has been a really long day. I was up @ 8, class @ 9:30, break for 2 hours, classes from 12:30 – 2:30, break, class @ 3:30, break for dinner, then two hour jazz band practice and then work.

Now if you don’t know, I work as a recording tech at the school of music here at UVic. I record quite a few of the concerts that roll in and out of this place. From tuba recitals, to the jazz band to the wind symphony. So yeah, I basically just press record and sit on my computer, but it’s still work. And it’s days like these that it’s no fun. I also work the next three days, so I really hope that I don’t die. I’d be really happy on that fact. It’s really fun some of the time, and the opportunities are great, just with 6 classes it’s not so fun always.

Now today was my first Jazz band rehearsal, and it was pretty friggen lame. Since I’m doing the auxillery percussion and don’t actually own any of my own instruments, I didn’t actually get anything to play today! I sat there for two hours doing absolutely nothing. I did do my music homework though! So that’s always nice. Hopefully I’ll be able to access some of the stuff, like vibes, or shakers. I doubt it’ll happen, so we’ll see.

So, if you are coming from the MuchMusic VJ site and reading my blog, then you should leave a comment! Because that’d be nifty! I really need to get on that video. It’s pretty hard to think up things to say about yourself while not sounding like a douche (Props to Jenn, who does a Vlog (ThoseWeekendGirls in the blogroll). Maybe this weekend if I get around to it. But leave me a comment MM viewers! (If you’re out there!)

Classes are going okay, my electrical engineering class sucks a lot though. We had the lab for it again today, and I have mentioned that it’s like teaching a parent how to use a mac when they’ve used windows all their life. It’s so fucking stupid. I got alot of my friends to send the prof an email about how bad it was, and he’s offering help and taking the computer part off the assignment. Which is nice. I’m going to go to him for help and see if I can understand it at all. So we’ll see how that one goes.

I’ve just gotta say that all my blogging counterparts out there, you guys stink. I feel like everyone hopped on the blog train and now they’re too lazy to actually do it. So to all of you out there. BLOG MORE. We want to read about your life without actually having to talk to you about it so that we can feel apart of your life without offering help advice or actually being there….Just sayin….

I suppose I should get back to work now. Just wanted to drop a quick update. This may be the last post I ever write if things go poorly. I could be dead by next week from all this work.

Later days,


– J


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