Something to get you through Hump-Day

Scientists have found a planet in another solar system some 500-light years away that is solid enough to stand on! Yay! This is big news because the previous planets found in outer space have been big gas filled things which are most definitely not inhabitable.

“The evidence is becoming overwhelming that we live in a crowded universe.”

Here’s one my girlfriend won’t like, the University of Toronto is initiating a fee for those who use their library. It’s going to cost $200 a year to use their library; which, to me, seems a little steep. The fee will only be applied to those who are visitors using their library, this makes the situation a little more understandable as students already pay for the use of their school library in their fees.  Here’s the part I don’t get, the University is considering charging people to BROWSE their shelves. Not just take books out, but even LOOK. I think that is horribly ridiculous. There is fear that this charge will start up reciprocal things in other schools.

In other news, I’ve signed up to become a MuchMusic VJ. It’s a contest through Much where lots of people audition and so many are chosen. I figure I should do a little more campaigning if I really want to do this for a living, but to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort. I would love to have the job and everything that comes along with it, but I am not really the kind of guy who is going to beg for your votes (I tried that once before for a photo contest, and failed miserably). So I’m going to rely on the people at Much picking substance over gimick.

So in case you haven’t heard yet or haven’t seen the latest Sxe Phil episode, Kanye West was a dick and ruined Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s last weekend. Well now, Kanye’s outburst has become an internet meme – – I kinda enjoy these and thus the posting.

So school is going well for me. Everything but Electrical Engineering. That has become my nemesis. I hate it so terribly already. The other classes are good and bearable, in my listening to music class, my homework was to find a song with melody. So essentially I got to listen to City and Colour for homework! It was a great day for me!  The boys buying Rockband has been fine, we started a pretty nifty band and it’s a good waste of time. I’m just concerned that somebody is going to walk into our place and steal everything when we’re all in our rooms, because we’re not really attentive like that…

So being a VJ would be a pretty friggen sweet job, and since I haven’t done a ‘Your Turn’ forever, mostly because viewer participation SUCKS. That’s right, I mean YOU. Anyways, what would your ideal job be?

Anyways…look for more updates on the VJ thing, and there’s a new Martlet tomorrow with more of my reviews! Maybe I should start writing some new ones….

Later days,

– J



  1. calandra

    my ideal jobbb would be an astronaut, if all the army training didn’t exist. maybe the whole neil armstrong thing provoked it but i think it’d be insanely cool if there wasn’t so much pointless army training involved 😀

    • JCS

      And you’d have to eat nasty space mush all the time. That’s lame about being an astronaut.

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