First Day (Hopefully They Aren’t All Like This…)

09/09/09 – Today was the first day of school for me here at UVic. And boy was it an eventful day.

Classes were not all that exciting. I had music theory first thing this morning, and I was in a class of about 35, which for some of you is a dream, but for a music class, it’s quite large. We were even moved to a new room because it was so big. And because of this unexpected capacity, my teacher didn’t have any handouts for me and a few other people. Which is no big deal, I met him after class to get them from him, but he told me he wasn’t ready yet, and they’d be available later in the day. (This will come into play later)

After that, I went onto my computer to confirm where my next class was. I happened to stumble upon the Apple website looking on better ways to keep my battery from dying on me all the time. I have a battery life of about an hour and a half, this is not good. As I was there, I came upon this -> Which talks about a problem with the video card of my generation of computers. Stating that it causes:

No video on the computer screen (or external display) even though the computer is on

Hey! That’s what was wrong with my computer! Awesome! Because…:

Apple is issuing refunds to customers who may have paid for repairs related to this issue. Please contact Apple for details on the refund process.

This is straight off their website. So basically, I was like SCORE. Apple is going to pay for my stuff. But I had to go to my linear algebra class by this time. We got into this room, and again packed to the ceiling. It’s ridiculous. Anywho, I’m pretty sure my prof walked to our class from the harbour this morning he’s so fresh off the boat (My apologies to any of the Asian persuasion who read this blog). He pronouces all his “th” ‘s as “s” ‘s so words like “Math” become “Mas” which is not as bad as my math prof last semester who said “Math” as “Mat”. So after spending an hour struggling to understand this guy, I went to go print off a resume.

I’m applying for a job as a music assistant at the local radio station here, so I got my cover letter and resume all printed off and went to deliver it to the head director guy here. So I hand it to him and say “I’m applying for the job as Music Assistant here.” and he’s like “Okay thanks.” And proceeds to find some file for my resume. And that was about it. I left soon after.

So now comes the good stuff. I get home, sit down and call Apple. I’m ready to reem them out about how shitty this is and how they should pay for my computer. So I get some help lady and I tell her my problem. And I point out that, Apple is paying for repairs to solve this problem. And my problem was solved, because of the logic board not the video card. She counters with, we’re offering refunds on repairs for video cards, not logic boards. I retort with, How am I to know that it wasn’t the video card in the first place? And that faulty video card is still in my computer. So after a long debate, I reemed her out because I’ve had nothing but trouble with this computer: A new CD drive within the first 10 days, a new battery after a year, a new logic board after a year and a half, and now I’m going to need a new battery again. So I don’t understand how Apple can sell me this product and say: This is a good product, good to go. And have it crap out on me like this so many times. It’s ridiculous. I ended up talking to a customer relations person and talked to him. He said that he would call the computer store and talk with the guy who did the service on my computer, and then call me back with their verdict.

So I waited for a while, and ended up having to go to my software engineering class. Which was also uneventful, but seems like it might be cool. I also talked to our prof about being a computer/music kid, and he might start gearing some things a bit towards us now. Which is cool.

I got back home, pretty pissed and grumpy and depressed about my computer, to get a call from the Apple guy, and he said that Apple would cover my costs, and that I just have to go back and get my money refunded. Good. Bout fricken time. So that cheered me up a little.

I had dinner with the boys tonight. And I guess I haven’t said much about my new roommates or moving in. I’m living with three guys that I knew from last year. And I must admit they’re pretty good roommates, one of them, D, made us all dinner consisting of chicken, rice, and salad. And I was impressed. The girlfriend and I cleaned up and then lounged around before I went for groceries. Then came home and we hung out more, I told a wonderful story about Donald Trump and his radish farm and then bed.

But yes, my roommates. We had K, D, and B. I think we should call ourselves KD-BJ. It’d be good times. But yeah, they’re all from Calgary and D actually lives no more than 10 minutes away from me. Which is really random. They’ve never lived where they’ve had to cook for themselves, but they brought more than enough utensils and stuff. It’s weird, because they share all their stuff. Like food. I’ve spent all summer with, whats yours is yours, you buy it, you eat it. Here it’s like, someone else buys it and you can just eat it. It’s defintiely a different lifestyle that I have to get used to. We’re also getting cable, and I got suckered into getting the $20/mnth/guy package. We’ll see how that goes. But it’s definitely going to be a fun year for sure.

Anywho, got another day of school tomorrow. Should be good! I’m excited! I bought a programable coffeemaker. And I’m using it for the first time tomorrow morning. Can’t wait! I also just had the great idea of putting it in my room instead of downstairs. I have the perfect little shelves for it…Wonderful.

Got more CD’s too. Look for reviews coming soon.

Later days,

– J



  1. calandra

    Sounds like a happy ending! At least apple is going to refund finally.. glad your new roommates are better! Good luck with the radio station thingy my dear

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