Just Some Thoughts

There’s a bunch of stuff I saw today that piqued my interested and made me feel like letting YOU all know about it!

First of all! Sum 41 has a greatest hits CD. I think this is pretty stupid. Sum 41 is not famous enough, good enough or had enough hits to deem a greatest hits CD worthy. Granted, when they first came out, this being when I was in grade 7th, I thought they were the best thing to happen to music and so awesome. They had a few decent songs, and paved the road for the whole pop punk generation of today, but not enough for a greatest hits CD. This CD had about 15 tracks, definitely not enough for hits. I think a greatest hits CD should only come out when the band is old and washed up and needs to make some more money to survive off of. But I guess that means that Sum 41 is not putting out any new material! Just gotta re-sell what worked! Hmm, taking a page from Kiss’ book? I think so.

Second thing I saw today was that the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which I saw when on a band trip to Germany in high school, is now doing online concerts! You can pay $9.99 a concert and watch online with just a pair of headphones! How neat! I definitely think this is a great use of technology and I would love to watch a world class orchestra play online instead of having to pay for a plane ticket, an orchestra ticket and everything else. Maybe my girlfriend and I will indulge one day and watch something spectacular!

Thirdly, Edmonton in general. I know I’ve only been here for a few hours, but I’ve found that Edmonton is pretty grubby. Driving down one street I saw at least two homes that had been boarded up. Not saying that Calgary or Victoria have the same kind of problem, but the houses here just seem dirty and gross. To me, Victoria is quite small and homely, and the amount of trees and narrow streets add to this. So these run down homes don’t seem to be as bad ad the ones here in Edmonton and Calgary. I guess it’s just a big city vibe. Another thing I find very different between Calgary/Edmonton and Victoria is the roadways. In Victoria there are two roads where you can go 70+ km/h, and elsewhere, everything is causeways and fast streets and 100 km/h speed limits, but everyone goes 120. I think that’s something else I really like about Victoria. I can’t wait to get back.

Come Monday, I’ll have more to write about Alberta’s capital.

– J


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