Alexisonfire Set-List Prediction

So I am going to see Alexisonfire play live today at the Sonic Boom Festival. And since I’m really bored, and a big loser, here’s my predictions for their set-list.

  1. Old Crows
  2. Sons of Priviledge
  3. This Could Be Anywhere In The World
  4. Accidents /or/ No Transitory
  5. Midnight Regulations
  6. Boiled Frogs
  7. Young Cardinals
  8. Emerald Street
  9. Sidewalk When She Walks /or/ .44 Calibur Love Letter
  10. Thrones
  11. The Northern
  12. We Are The Sound /or/ Crisis /or/ Keep It On Wax
  13. Water Wings
  14. Born and Raise
  15. (Encore) Happiness By The Kilowatt
(Is anyone else drooling over Dallas tattoos?)

(Is anyone else drooling over Dallas' tattoos?)


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