Monday’s News

Just opened up the this morning and started skimming some articles.

Disney has forked over $4 billion dollars for the rights to the entire Marvel Collection. The agreement see’s characters like The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Spiderman coming under the giant umbrella of Disney. It makes me wonder if we’ll see a some guy dressed up as Spiderman climbing up the Disney Castle at Disneyland in the coming months. I do hope so.

Here’s a nice comment piece on Much Music – – and how it’s gone downhill. Which I whole heartly agree with. Most of the stuff on that show is scripted filth, and shows that feature metal, punk, indie, french, and any other style of music that isn’t mainstream, is slotted to a half hour at some ridiculous time of the night. I would love to see MuchMusic and MTV for that matter, do some kind of election coverage for the next federal election, maybe it’ll end voter apathy.

An interesting side of Harper here –

And a huge change in international politics, the Democratic Party of Japan defeate the Liberal Democractic Party in an amazing showing. The winners captured 300 out of 480 seats in parliment. This is pretty nifty as the LDP had ruled for something crazy like 54 years. Maybe this change will spark some changes for the global society.

And that’s your news for this morning.



  1. calandra

    yep, much music sucks now. I used to love watching it any time that there wasn’t anything else on and I’d always find something interesting, but now it’s full of nonsense and might as well be MTV

  2. JCS

    Yeah, I’m glad I don’t have TV at school, or else I would get even less done. I think Leah Miller is finally leaving, thank god.

  3. JCS

    Definitely is. I didn’t even notice that, I was just looking for a picture of Disney and Marvel. The Incredibles was the next best thing.

    GM Place in Vancouver? I definitely saw Aladdin on ice once. The only thing I remember about it was getting cotton candy in a plastic tub. Mmm…

    • brasskeys

      Yup, GM Place.

      One year I had a competition right before a show and I performed so shitty that I cried through the entire Disney on Ice show. That is a really bad memory….

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