Ongoing History Of New Music, and Then Some.

One thing I do enjoy about being home is driving. And when driving, I get to listen to the radio. And when I listen to the radio, I get to listen to sweet shows like “The Ongoing History of New Music.”

The Ongoing History of New Music debuted in February 1993 on radio station 102.1 The Edge/Toronto. Since then it’s…well, it’s taken on a life of its own. Consider: More than 500 different one-hour episodes have been produced, making it the longest-running music documentary in Canada and one of the longest in North America. More than 5,000 one-minute daily features have been written and produced. The program is syndicated on virtually every major rock station in Canada. The Ongoing History of New Music show has spun off four books (all written by Alan Cross), which have worldwide sales of over 30,000 copies, not to mention almost 20 different compilation CDs (including four official Ongoing History discs).

This is the little bio on the website – – which is now in the blogroll. I really enjoy listening to this show as it encorporates a lot of music that I really like listening to. The host also brings up some really cool facts. Like I learnt today that super producer Brian Eno composed the Window’s Start-Up theme.

So being in Calgary feels kind of like a big PR trip, as in personal relations. I’m basically spending all my days seeing people, telling them what my summer is like, what my girlfriend is like, what my life is like etc. I’ve refined the story to about 4 or 5 sentances by now. It’s just nice to see some of these friends. But I think that this is a good amount of visiting. I know that if I lived here, I defintely wouldn’t make this kind of effort to see any of these people.  So it’s nessecary.  I’ve been here four days, and that means I have one week left. Hopefully I’ll find enough things to do to keep me occupied. Still waiting on some people who I thought were my friends before I left to make an effort to hang out. It’ll be interesting if it ever happens, I’m doubting it but you never know. And if she doesn’t try to hang out, I’ll know what to consider her.

I’m missing my girlfriend a lot. I really want to be back with her and at least talking to her more. Since I’ve been here we’ve barely talked for more than an hour. Granted we don’t usually talk all that much, but it’s nice to at least communicate with her. I went and saw Up today, and the main character and his wife reminded me a lot of my girlfriend and me. In the movie, the characters have their own chair that they sit in and just read. And that’s like us, we don’t have to be doing anything, or talking, we just like being together, and that’s something I love and is really important to me.  

You know what I hate? People who handshake too hard. I was at the bar last night, and one guy who I went to high school with came over and gave me a deathgrip. I know that guys are told to have a firm handshake, but it’s suppose to be that. Firm. Not circulation cutting-off tight. I don’t know if it’s like a competition to see who’s handshake is tighter, and if he walks away feeling good about himself for destroying my hand. To me it comes off more as a guy who is trying to hard or too much of a douche bag. Guys, have a firm handshake, give a decent squeeze and then that’s it. Be professional.

Today I met with a friend whom I haven’t seen in 2 years and it was fun catching up with her for a few hours. Sadly I realized we probably won’t see each other again for another two years. I got some new shoes and I’ll be going shopping again tomorrow for some other clothes, so good times will ensue.

Counting down the days,

– J


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