Fuck I am pissed. Today is just getting worse and worse. I found out that my computer is being repaired. Yay. The part will get in…tomorrow. Around 11. Which is when I’ll be arriving in Calgary. Great. That helps me none. Hurray computer is getting fixed though, I guess.

This entire process has been so fucking frustrating. It’s going to be a month since my computer broke and it’s probably going to be another month until we get everything sorted out.

And then Apple decides to send me an email today telling me about Snow Leopard, the new OS coming out on Friday. Well FUCK YOU Apple. Just rub it in my face. I am about ready to smash some computers around here.

I’m at the point where I don’t even care any more and I just want to get my computer back. I hate having to use these lab computer’s, I hate having to be watched while I use someone else’s computer, I hate having to ask and feel like I’m always in a rush to use a computer and I can never relax while I’m on it. I hate not having my pictures, or my music. It’s sad to say it but I’m pretty sure my life is become fairly dependant on computers.

I considered staying here a few extra hours and pushing my flight back just to get my computer back. But then the guy says “Well I can’t guarentee that the part will get here then.” Well great, order the piece of shit on rush if you have too. And even if the part does come tomorrow, the store opens @ 8, which is when I have to be at the airport for my 9 o clock flight.

And then it’s going to sit in the store for a week until I can get it when I come home. I’m fairly certain that’s not even going to be the problem and when I get back it won’t work then and then I’ll be even more time without a computer. If this new logic board doesn’t fix it, I am getting everything off the harddrive, and getting a new one. I want to call Apple and complain again about how shitty their computers have been to me and how fucking ridiculous this whole experience was.

And then once I do get it fixed, I’m going to be stuck with an $1100 Visa bill until I can send it to my dad, who has to send it to MasterCard who will finally decide if they’ll cover it. Fuck My Life.

– J


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