CD Review – Marcy Playground – Leaving Wonderland…In A Fit Of Rage

Marcy Playground – Leaving Wonderland…In A Fit Of Rage – EMI Music Canada

In lieu of the upcoming Alice and Wonderland movie, I think that “Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit Of Rage,” by Marcy Playground would be a suitable CD to review. The trio hails from the United States of America, have put out their first record since 2004. They pulled in quite a few favours and brought in Daniel Powter, best known for his hit “Bad Day”, to play piano on their CD.

The first song, “Blackbird” has a sneaky bit of personality in the lyrics. The chorus states “Thank you rain/Thank you rain/Wash away all my pain” which seems like a seemingly simple line. But reading the first part of the liner notes, and noticing that the lead singer, John Wozniak, thanks his wonderful wife, Raine Munro-Wozniak. It becomes clear what the song is really about, a love song to his wife. Aww, how cute, and very clever! But the music itself is brings parts of Death Cab for Cutie, Joel Plaskett and Switchfoot. Most of the tracks, like “Gin and Money”, seem to feature the vocals in particular, later they are coupled with a quick guitar rift that match perfectly. John’s voice is very unique and he is capable of hitting some fairly high notes, equivalent of Chris Martin of Coldplay, and his large range provide the listener with a varied CD.

Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit Of Rage has a good variety of tracks on, each one giving you something different to listen to. “Star Baby” and “I Burned The Bed” give you an upbeat rock vibe, while “Irene” and “Good Times” slow it down and mellow you out. The CD comes off lackadaisical, which would very easily compliment a lazy laid back evening on the beach, but with some tracks to get you up on your feet and grooving to the beat with the soulful melodies. Unfortunately, I feel more like I am in Wonderland when listening to it, rather than leaving in a fit of rage, but I would still check out the CD.


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