CD Review – Madina Lake – Attics To Eden

Madina Lake – Attics To Eden – Roadrunner Records

If you happened to go to Vans Warped Tour this year, you may have seen Madina Lake play songs from their newest CD, “Attics To Eden”. These four guys are generally what you would expect to see on the Vans Warped Tour; V-necks, headbands, and facial piercings are sported by most of their members. You might find more makeup and hair-dye in their bus than your girlfriends bathroom. If you saw Madina Lake at Warped Tour, and stayed for their set, you probably could have heard the entirety of “Attics To Eden” as it spans just over a half hour, with no song over 4 minutes in length.

Of the 12 tracks on “Attics To Eden” most are the poppy dance infused with punk similar to Fall Out Boy and The Maine. Songs like “Through The Fire” and “Welcome to Oblivion” incorporate the tambourine and give you bouncy tracks. The bass drum pounds on all four beats of “Statistics” which is a little more synth based and “Never Walk Alone” features a pretty intricate drum intro, but soon a screechy guitar comes in and kind of ruins what you expect the track to be (Good perhaps?). It’s hard to find something that makes Madina Lake different than a lot of the bands. They incorporate a few synth and dance elements, but then they start to sound like Nine Inch Nails does the Backstreet Boys. One interesting track is “Friends and Lovers” which is entirely synth and drums, no guitars. It’s of the better tracks on the as it differs so greatly from it’s counterparts.

Much of this CD is the manufactured pop-punk and I wouldn’t be surprised if Madina Lake’s demographic was more aimed at a younger teenage crowd then that attending a university. With that being said, that’s only my opinion, if you like this kind of music, then you will love “Attics To Eden”, it will have you hopping and bopping along with every track. But with 12 tracks spanning only 37 minutes, it’s not really bang for your buck.


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