CD Review – BidiniBand – The Land Is Wild

BidiniBand – The Land Is Wild – Pheromone Recordings

The band name may be a little daunting at first, but it becomes much clearer when you learn that “The Land Is Wild” is the debut solo effort from Dave Bidini. His website proclaims that is a CD of “dead hockey players, cannibalism and lesbian school teachers”, which definitely sounds like an interesting combination. Dave is clearly a fan of hockey, also penning more than 5 novels on the subject, one of which inspired one of the songs on the album.

The whole CD is unabashedly Canadian, the title track was used during the Stanley Cup Playoffs on an opening of Hockey Night in Canada. You are left hoping that Dave might sing a song about your current town, or your home town. The first track “Desert Island Poem,” is the one about cannibalism in Drumheller; ” But who would cook and season the body?/He’s always done this before/What happens if we don’t leave Drumheller.” The track ends with a disorderly merge of another song is unnaturally dissonant.

“Take A Wild Ride” is simple minute track, the only lyrics in the minute long track are that Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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the title, it’s fun and easy and gets you singing along. BidiniBand is very similar to the rock styles of Sam Roberts, Sloan with a hint of Buck 65. You’ll need to read the lyrics as you listen just so you can catch all the pop culture references in the lyrics, a little research is required for “The Land Is Wild” which is about the hockey great Bryan Fogarty. Dave definitely knows how to make fun of himself and his Canadianity, but you’ll have to listen to the last track for his poking fun at Chad Kroeger and Tim Horton’s.

Most of the music is acoustic guitar based, with a band surrounding it and driving it forward. Each track is it’s own little story in a book of stories, and you’re a part of the adventure. Much of the content on this CD is told to the you like you’re a friend of the band, and you’re sharing all these experiences with them. It feels like a journey of University student in the heart of Canada with it’s random themes and sometimes silly lyrics. This is the kinda CD you need in your car on your roadtrip across the great country we reside in.


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