Once Again 3:30 Conquers All

I guess it’s safe to say that 3 am has something against me. It just wants me to wake up and enjoy the rising sun and bask in all it’s splendors.

This is not what I was doing @ 3:30 this morning when I woke up. I did however, finally watch “Millions”. Hopefully my mother and my girlfriend will be grateful as they have both suggested I watch this movie for quite some time. It’s nice little happy movie about a kid who finds 229 500 pounds of stolen money, this all happening as the Pound is being cut out of circulation for the Euro. It was fairly enjoyable, especially considering the time at which it was watched, so I was pleased. I would recommend it if you’re looking for a lazy, cute, laid-back film.

In other news, the newest edition of the Martlet came out yesterday. Unfortunately my reviews did not make the presses. Perhaps we will see my name in print in the months ahead. Hopefully I can do more and more reviews in the upcoming weeks.

I have started to move out of my current place of residence preparing for the fall. The University of Victoria is pretty friggen stupid when it comes to their housing. We are asked to move out at the latest by the 23rd of August. Well that’s fine and dandy. But school doesn’t start until the 9th of Septermber, and I think the earliest we can move in is the 6th. SO. This leaves us with a problem. What are all the people who have lived here over the summer, and who are moving in again in the fall SUPPOSE TO DO FOR THOSE TWO WEEKS BEFORE SCHOOL? Hmm? Well fuck if I know, nor does the University, because clearly they don’t care. So I am currently moving much of my stuff into my girlfriend’s place so that I can keep it there while I go home. For my roommate, he might be able to move in early for a price of $40/night. I think this is pretty ridiculous.

Furthermore, UVic advising and registration sucks. I finally got my mark back in Math, a B (Yay), and this means I can become a fully enrolled member to the combined Music and Computer Science Program. For those of you who are confused, in my first year, I was a “PMUS” or a “Pre-Music and Computer Science” and I had to take all these first year courses to be recognized as a “MUSC” or “Music and Computer Science” person or whatever. So end of that sidenote, I am ALMOST fully into the program. Why you may ask? Because I have to re-register now. Which usually isn’t such a big deal, but I have to pay a $15 late fee because I am enrolling late. Fuckin UVic, go suck it. So I went to the registration desk to figure out how to do this. Here at UVic, our registration help desk consists of a phone. You dial 8142, and get connected to the person who is going to help you. After you dial this number, you can hear the phone ringing. Not just from the speaker of the telephone, but the pyshical phone of the person you are about to talk to, ringing. Followed by the echo of hearing the person talk through the phone, and then their voice traveling to your other ear. I do NOT understand why this person can not just COME OUT, and sit down with you, and have a face-to-face chat, and help you. It makes me feel like I’m not all that important. This feeling is further instilled when the person ‘helping’ you, tells you to go somewhere else! Well that’s just great, and a big fuck you too!

The only place I really feel welcome as a student is in the music department. Most of the teachers know you by name, the secretaries know you by name. Yesterday, I had to go talk to yet another secretary about my courses, and she wrote down my name, including my last, which I often get misspelled, correctly! Didn’t even ask me! I was pretty impressed to say the least. So I always enjoy going to the music department and feeling kind of like I belong.

So once I had all this over and done with, I prepared for my night on the town. As you may remember, I volunteered for VEMF, the Victoria Electronic Music Festival. They were throwing a big party for all their volunteers and provided free food and booze (Yay!) Well, last minute, the location got changed, and this is what we got for instructions on how to get to this place:

“The location we will be meeting at is in Bastion Square, behind the Yates St. Parkade. The space is new and not quite ready to open for the public, so we ask that you please not pass along the location to others at this time. Go to the parkade, look for the stairs into the parkade and look for the black door.”

Anyways, we have enough trouble finding this place, and it turns out it REALLY is in the back of an underground parking lot, my girlfriend was convinced this was the place they take us to die. And we get inside and it’s a normal looking club like place. Great. We get wristbands, why? I don’t know, they never served us any purpose. Stupid. So first things first, we head for the free booze, which was promised to be a variety of beers, hard liquors, etc. We get there, we have a choice between, beer, whiskey, and sangria. Great. I choose beer, my girlfriend, sangria. So that’s all fine and dandy. Except everything’s warm. And flat. So, logically whats next? Food. It consists of perogies, caesar salad and a variety of chips, crackers and dips. And it’s cold. Off to a great start VEMF. After about a half hour and 4 shitty drinks later, we leave. On the way out, the doorman stops us to look through a peephole, he tells us that he has to make sure there’s no cops on bikes around, natually we ask why. APPARENTLY, VEMF doesn’t have a liquor liscence or something, so the entire event was illegal. Well that’s even better. Clearly they know how to show their volunteers a good time.

Well, this is all for this morning. I think being up so early makes me cranky, this is one hell of a grumpy blog.

Later days,

– J


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